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2010 MDX by Acura gets Excellent rating from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports puts the 2010 Acura MDX on top of the rankings for luxury SUVs. Published on their June 2010 offering, the 2010 MDX was given an overall score of “Excellent” with a road test rating of 85.

The Acura SUV was way ahead of its pack as the LR4 from Land Rover was issued with a “Very Good” over all score and road-test score of 73. Down the list of Very Good luxury SUVs were the Lincoln MKT with a grade of 72 and the Audi Q7 which got a 68.

The new MDX has an improved powertrain that gives it better acceleration and fuel efficiency. The Acura MDX is now the best 3-row luxury SUV of Consumer Reports.

The MDX is a well rounded vehicle that performs way better than more expensive competitions according to David Champion who is the senior director of the publication‘s testing center in Connecticut. During the test runs of the four SUVs, the MDX is the only vehicle that got the nod of Consumer Reports and was the only one tagged as Recommended.

The Recommended tag by Consumer Reports is only given to vehicles which do exceptionally well with their road tests and has a very high reliability based on an annual survey conducted by CR with their web and print subscriber base of about 7 million. The vehicles must have also faired well if they were subjected to a crash or roll over test by the government.

The Audi Q7 had lower than average reliability while the LR4 and the MKT did not have adequate reliability information. The Acura MDX has a sticker price of $46,715 while the Lincoln MKT goes for $56,555.

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