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2011 Peugeot 508 hybrid will be Europe’s greenest among large cars

Guess which is the greenest among the large cars in the entire Europe. Peugeot claims its their very own all new 508 sedan. And to back its claim with suitable figures, Peugeot claims the diesel-electric hybrid car would have 99 Gms per kilometer of CO2 emissions. With good emission comes good fuel efficiency and the 508 is equally impressive in this aspect as well, requiring only 3.8 liters for every 100 km which translates to 62 US mpg.

In fact, the emission levels would come down to zero in case the car is driven in full electric mode. The only other cars that can boast of such low emissions are the Toyota Prius and Auris gasoline electric hybrids as also the diesel versions of the Volkswagen Polo and Smart ForTwo. These cars have emissions of 100 g/Km of CO2 but fall in the small size segment.

There would be variants in gasoline and diesel engine for the 508 debuting at the Paris Show this October. Sales are expected to start in 2011. Whether the 508 Hybrid4, that’s the diesel hybrid version, would go on sale or not is yet to be announced by Peugeot. The 508 model is coming in as a replacement to the low selling 407 mid size and 607 sedan models.

Sales of the 407 had dropped by 45 percent last year in Europe as per report from UK-based market researcher JATO Dynamics. Number of units sold was 36,718. The 697 model had a sale of 1,880 units which resulted in a drop by 48.5 percent. Competition for the 508 would be given by cars of the likes of Audi A4, BMW 3 series and Mercedes-Benz C class.

PSA/Peugeot-Citroen brand director Jean-Marc Gales during an interview with Automotive News Europe last March at the Geneva auto show had accepted that German manufacturers were currently dominating the automotive market. He however declared that the aim of Peugeot was to regain its standing in the market once again. Styling the exterior looks of the Peugeot by what is called, giving it the “French chic” style treatment that is marked by a combination of elegance and lines that remain in style for times to come, something that the French manufacturer believes will make the 508 an attract buy for the premium buyers.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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