2011 Range Rover Sport gets a new tuning package from Revere London

Every tuner that has a name has at some point of time attempted a tuning package for the Land Rover, Range Rover and its smaller sibling the Sport. The tuning packages thus developed deal mainly on enhancing style and on-road performance of the cars.

One of the new tuning houses to have come out with a Range rover Sport model tuning package is Revere London. “To provide clientele with a unique lifestyle choice, excellent service and complete discretion” is their philosophy. In terms of physical conversion of this text their package includes a new set of wheels, a body kit and for all this they do have a line of dedicated designers and service agents who are on call. Depending on clients desires the company can do a complete tuning of the car or to specific parts of the car. They also have shops all over Britain.

Their vehicles post tuning come out to be unique ones in line with the rich heritage that the British people have. The package developed by them enhances the looks of the Land Rover without distorting the existing looks of the car. Their package includes both interior as well as exterior upgrades.

Source: topspeed

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