2012 Nissan GT-R rumored to come with RWD mode and improved launch control

The 2012 Nissan GT-R is still on rumor turf and not a reality as yet that is doing the rounds of the net like so many others but this one to come would surely be a surprise and ‘to be believed only when seen’ type of car. However, there are a few feature of the car that can be extremely interesting such as the car including a rear-wheel-drive only mode in all probability.

For going into this mode which is also a fuel saving mode one has to select and hold a button marked “fuel save” for four seconds. Until the next shutoff this setting would override all other settings of the car. Drivers though are going to be encouraged by Nissan to go for the all-wheel-drive mode for normal driving which will be the standard mode of driving.

There is also unconfirmed news that the launch control system could be revamped to get more power out of the VR38 engine. Effects of this on warranty and other issues like transmission or related parameters are not yet known.

There are also expected changes to the chassis being done to give better suspension and therefore smoother driving experience. The brakes are to be upgraded and the interior also would be upgraded with luxurious SpecMmodel.

Source: motorauthority

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