5 Technologies That Have Made Cars Safer

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Cars have become a necessity for almost everyone today which is why more than 1 billion vehicles were being driven all around the world according to a report published a few years ago. The numbers have only risen and this is the reason which has also led to increased number of casualties on the road.

More than 1.3 million people die every year in car accidents which is why the IT and mechanical department came up with technologies that can make it safer for drivers to drive on the road.

Some technologies are old school but some are modern, and can even be found pre-installed in cars while some need to be installed separately.

Let’s have a look at five technologies that have made cars safer:


1.Car Cameras

Getting into a car accident is a horrendous experience and can even kill you. Even if you are a safe driver, others might not be. In fact, there are many reckless drivers out there who sometimes, crash into your willingly just to blame it on you to get money.

A car camera can be your friend in such times. It can record clear footage of what occured on the road and who was at fault. The concept of car cameras has made a lot of people cautious and forces them to drive safe.

Other than that, rear view cameras can help in parking which also reduces the risk since you can get a clear view of what is behind the car. This can also reduce parking difficulties and reduce minor scratches too that occur due to the car running into other vehicles while parking.


  1. Lane Keep Assist

According to the National Safety Council, 40,000 Americans died in 2016 in car accidents and 94% of those deaths were due to human errors.

One of the basic instructions when driving a car is to keep in your lane and drive at the recommended speed. However, many drivers often neglect both of these instructions, especially when on long drives and get into accidents.

To avoid this, we have the lane keep assist technology. It prevents your car from drifting to other lanes and keeps the vehicle in the center. In case, a person is drowsy or unattentive and is drifting away from their lane, the lane keep assist technology passes an alert to the driver to keep on their lane. This can prevent you from getting into accidents.


  1. Emergency Brake System (Automatic)

This technology uses similar technology that is found in cruise control. The sensors predict danger up close and pull emergency brakes automatically to avoid a crash.


This way you can avoid ramming your car into obstacles, pedestrians and cars ahead in the lane.


  1. ACC System (Active Cruise Control)

This technology uses a combination of radar and camera to track the speed at which cars are running ahead and adjusts your car’s speed accordingly.

It’s sort of an auto control where the driver doesn’t need to intervene. ACC, especially when paired with lane assist technology, offers a stress free ride and safe ride.


  1. Airbags

This technology saves driver and front-seat passenger from getting injured in case an accident happens. It measures the pressure and impact of the car if it hits something and automatically deploys the airbags.

The airbags can prevent the head from hitting the dashboard which can cause serious injuries. However, many people also report of injuries due to them inflating too fast.

The five technologies are necessary for every driver to install in their cars to avoid accidents and damages.


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