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5 Things to Consider When Looking for Ceramic Coating in Central Coast

Ceramic coating can offer the best protection your vehicle’s surfaces can get against water spots and contamination. You have two options in ceramic coating products – DIY Consumer Kits and Professional Applied Products. You can choose any ceramic coating product as per your preferences and budget. Here we have discussed five critical things to consider when looking for a ceramic coating in the Central Coast.

  1. Types of Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic coating products are made of different materials. They are polymer, quartz, and hybrid. The polymer ceramic coating bonds with the factory paint and becomes one. The result is the surface gets tougher and has a high resistance to damage. 

The quartz coating has a higher level of hardness than the polymer ceramic coating. Car owners who want their car’s paint to have the highest level of protection against debris and scratches can go for ceramic coating. The hybrid coating is a combination of quartz and polymer ceramic coating. 

  1. Protection From UV 

A long-term exposure to the sun can make your car’s paint look dull. The direct sunlight on your car roof can scorch the car’s paint. It will also make the bird droppings make prominent.

According to weather reports, the UV index of the Central Coast is relatively high. The readings show the UV index starts increasing post 10 am. The UV index at 10 am is around 7.3, which is relatively high. By noon, the UV index reaches 11.9, which is considered extreme.

You need to buy a ceramic coating that offers good UV protection. It will ensure your car paints do not get much affected even when you park the car under the sun. 

  1. Level of Hardness 

Do you know rainwater can cause considerable damage to your car’s paint? According to car paint experts, the contaminants in rainwater form a layer after the water dries. These pollutants damage the car’s paint. 

According to NSW government weather reports, the inlands of the Central coast receives around 800–1200 mm annually. The PM10 concentration in air is approximately 27 µg/m³ while PM2.5 concentration in air is 10 µg/m³. The air quality level in the Central Coast is fair. The fine particulates in the air get deposited on your car with rains, which can cause damage to your car paint.

The ceramic coating products come with a hardness rating. A ceramic coating with a higher hardness rating can resist scratching and damage better. According to experts, you can go for a “9H” hardness rating that indicates diamond level hardness. 

  1. Age of Your Car

According to a car ownership report published in 2016, 50% of the Central Coast households had more than 2 cars. Around 44,794 homes have one car, while 42,633 households in the Central Coast have 2 vehicles. The report further states that approximately 21,195 families have 3 or more cars.  

For opting Ceramic Coating in Central Coast, the car’s age is an essential factor. When the vehicle becomes old, the car’s paint starts peeling off. If you apply ceramic coating when the paint is thin, the ceramic coating chemicals may damage the vehicle.  

  1. Durability 

A ceramic coat lasts 2 to 5 years.  The durability of the ceramic coating depends on the quality of the product and application. You need to take your car to the best ceramic coating services in the town to ensure your vehicle gets the best ceramic coating. 

Coating services that offer dirt cheap prices are more likely to use sub-standard products that might not last long. It will only increase your maintenance costs as you need to apply ceramic coating again after 1 or 2 years. The best ceramic coating will provide superior UV protection, chemical resistance, and scratch protection.  

To sum up, these are some of the critical things you need to consider when considering ceramic coating for your car in the Central Coast.

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