Audi A4, A5, A6 With Ultra Fast TDI Engine

Audi AG seems to be a leading car manufacturer for developing executive cars. And this German automaker was recently released A4, A5, A6 and each version has some extra features included in it.

Like, A4 have front-wheel drive, TDI engines and safety features like Anti-locking Brake System and side air bags etc and they have three different body types like Seden, Avant, Allroad Quartto. They also contain LED daytime running light and Electronic hand brake etc. Whereas in Audi A6, the features may differ and many advanced features were added. At present, Audi announced that the most effective diesel powered car to be presented to public by this year and this feature is extended to all version of Audi from A4 to A6. TDI engine with new rates at three different power stages will be developed.

This ultra model car also works in low emission rate of up to 119 grams per kilometer.

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