September 24, 2020

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    This just in! We at Speedlux have received exclusive Spy Shots of the BMW M2 Coupe 2015! These pictures reveal that the much awaited BMW M2 Coupe 2015 is indeed under development and shall possibly be revealed in one of the upcoming auto shows shortly! As always, we’ve assembled as much information as we can about the car and hope that you find all details that you’re looking for!

    BMW M2 Coupe 2015 Details

    While the car hasn’t officially been confirmed by BMW, these spy shots do indeed provide a look at what’s in store for all BMW enthusiasts. The bodywork in this car seems to be based on what was earlier presented in the M235i Racing Model launched earlier this year. The track appears to be much wider than regular models in the 2-series. What you’ll also notice is that the tires seem to be wider as well. According to reports, an upgrade of the 320 Horsepower N55 Engine might be put into this car.

    BMW M2 Coupe 2015 Launch Date

    As the car is being tested right now, it can be estimated that it is going to be launched as a 2016 model at one of the auto shows in 2015. Although it might even be put up on display as soon as late-2014, but for that we’re going to have to keep an eye out for.

    Feel free to browse through the gallery of Spy shots to make up your mind about what you think of the 2016 BMW m2 Coupe! We at Speedlux are going to keep you updated at any new updates that might surface.

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