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BMW M3 Coupe tuned by Vorsteiner: GTRS3

Probably the best tuning kits made for the BMW cars are for the M3 because at least the tuning kit it’s making the car to look more aggressive which also happened in this case that we’re going to talk about.

This tuning kit is made by the Californian tuner named Vorsteiner which also gave to this car a name: GTRS3 but I think that we should keep the original name of the car when talking about this tuned version of it.

You should know that the GTRS3 Aero Package comes with complete splitter, extended front fenders, extended side skirts, rear quarter panel fender arch extensions and wide stance rear bumper with carbon diffuser which will improve the performances of the care but also the aspect of it.

In the same tuning kit, there are also the latest twin-7 spoke forged 3-piece alloys, the V-308. You can choose between 19 and 20 inches wheels which affects the performances of the car but also the aspect, it depends on what you’re more interested to.

For extra money, you can get stainless steel quad exhaust system, vented carbon fiber hood and the TRS lightweight boot lid.

This tuning kit will be manufactured only 100 times and according to some rumors, it’s going to cost around $25,000.

[source: BMWBlog]

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