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I have to say that I’m pretty excited about this because I’m quite a big fan of the Golf family and until now I didn’t know anything about a new generation of Golf which explains my excitement about this new car. At the moment we are able to see only the rendered front side of the new Volkswagen Golf VII but probably the next time when we’ll talk about this new Volkswagen Golf VII, we will have some spy photos.

I would be very thankful if in one day, I would own any Golf car starting even with the 3 generation because I drove a Golf III and a Golf IV and both are awesome so think how would be the VII generation.

The designer of this new Volkswagen Golf VII will be Walter de Silva which is also the designer of many other Volkswagen cars so you should expect from this car to be similar to the other ones.

Also, I don’t think that this rendering is so accurate because it doesn’t look similar to any VW. The front side of this car even makes me think that it is similar to the Ford B-Max or even much more to the Ford Fiesta.

This new generation of Volkswagen Golf VII will debut in 2012.

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