Carlos Ghosn refers to himself as a “fugitive of injustice”

Carlos Ghosn Renault-Nissan

According to a recent report by CBS News, Correspondent Charlie D’Agata asked Former Nissan chairman that “It was a big risk that you took.”

“I know, but it was a bigger risk to stay,” replied Ghosn. By ‘risk’, CBS states that Ghosn was referring to the box that allegedly helped him in getting inside and fleeing to Lebanon.

“Oh, I knew that I was taking risk,” Ghosn stated. “I knew that, if I was putting individuals around me in the loop, not only they were taking a risk, but also the risk of any slippage, any rumor, any leak, would be very high, and they would kill any project like this. So, I had to work by myself only with people who are going to operate, you know? There was nobody else. This was a condition.

“And the other condition is, you need to think fast, act fast, and make something simple – daring, but simple.”

He hasn’t provided any details about the people involved in that adventure.

D’Agata then asked, “Can we talk about the box?”

“No, I’m not gonna talk about the [box],” he chuckled.

“Everybody’s talking about the box.”

“Well, good. Good for them. Good for them. Yeah, but I’m the one alone who knows exactly what happens,” he laughed.

What investigators so far believe is that the businessman stuffed himself into a box for concert equipment, with holes cut in the bottom in order to breathe, and was taken away on a private jet bound for Istanbul on route to Beirut. 

Ghosn was then taken away on a private jet bound for Istanbul on route to Beirut, where he discussed with CBS News on Friday.

D’Agata asked “Was there a moment in the box that you were thinking, ‘What’s become of my life?'”

“You know, I’m a very realistic person,” Ghosn stated. “I know that, you know, success not last forever. Fortune don’t last forever. There are ups and downs in life. You have to confront tragedy as strongly as you confront success. And even though I didn’t have a lot of shortfalls, this one was a big one, and it was a test for my resolve and for my character.”

“So, I am sitting here alone in a nation which is not mine, in a system that I don’t understand,” Ghosn stated. “I have everything, you know, all red signals everywhere. I said, ‘My only hope of being able to defend myself [is to] get out of the nation.'”

D’Agata then asked “Guilty of the charges or not, before you fled, you are certainly guilty now of fleeing; you’re a fugitive of justice. What’s the future hold for you?”

“I wouldn’t say I’m fugitive of justice; I’m fugitive of injustice,” Ghosn replied. “That’s the way I would put it. I don’t feel bad about it, because the way I’ve been treated, and the way I was looking at the system, frankly, I don’t feel any guilt.”

The Lebanese government has already issued their own order, barring Ghosn from leaving the country until further notice. Not that he’s worried about this happening as he has enough assets in Lebanon and remains something of a regional hero.

“After I landed in Beirut on the 30th of December, it was kind of rebirth for me,” he stated, “It was like, I was breathing again, I was breathing again.”

Ghosn states he’s willing to deal with the charges and answer to everything, eventually. Though not in Japan.

He continues to maintain his innocence.

Asked if the Americans involved in the escape? After a pause. He smiled, and responded, “No comment.”

Has Hollywood approached him about his story? Ghosn replied “Yes.”

“Is that a reality? Do you see that happening?” asked D’Agata.

Ghosn replied, “Why not?”

D’Agata ultimately asked once again, “was there a box?”

Ghosn again responded “no comment”, with a smile on his face.

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