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Driver fatally crashed man with car and continued driving in Kansas

A man is dead after an erratic driver struck him with their vehicle early Saturday morning in Wichita, Kansas.

Wichita Police said around 12:20 a.m. Saturday, a woman who was observed driving erratically in the 100 block of South Woodlawn Court was contacted by officers.

Officers found that the 28-year-old female driver had crashed a man, 44-year-old John Eyster, at the intersection of Ridgewood Dr. and Douglas.

EMS pronounced Eyster dead on the scene. Police said after the woman struck the man, she kept driving the car. Alcohol is said to be a factor behind the crash.

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One thought on “Driver fatally crashed man with car and continued driving in Kansas

  1. In the past people who kill someone while drunk get off lightly, don’t hate her even JESUS/GOD loves her as well. BUT she should get no less then 10 years. A strong message need to be sent to DUMMIES who drive drunk. In the past drunk drivers have been let off the hook after driving drunk 9 10 times before anything is dune to them.how many more innocent people get killed or badly hurt before the courts get down to Business.

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