Europe sees rise in green car sales

green car

The sales of vehicles alternative to fuel based are increasing in Europe. The sales volume of battery-powered, fuel-cell, and rechargeable hybrid care is increased by 206,000 at the end of 2016 in Europe. Among all these, the plug-in hybrid technology was popular because of its sales volume being 113,000 registered vehicles which is 17.2 % increase from 2015.

The European Automobile Manufacturer Association confirmed that in the last three months of last year, they faced a shortfall in number of registrations of these plug-in cars, whereas the sales of mild hybrid has 28.8 % increase in last year, sales volume of 303,506 cars. These mild hybrid vehicles are those that combine fossil fuel and electric power to some extent, however they are not rechargeable.

Most of the people from auto industry believe that the electric cars may face a critical turning point in this year. The industry executives who were in Detroit recently for the North American International Auto Show informed.

Due to strict emission rules in China and Europe, the industry executives in Detroit felt that the global automaker and some customers may have reduced number of choices but they can embrace plug-in vehicles. China which is struggling with catastrophic pollution levels in major cities is aggressively pushing the sales of plug-in vehicles. The executives also commented that to push the consumers to electric cars, they need more assistance from corresponding governments.

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