Ferrari investigating 458 Italia models for potential fire hazard

We have reported several unfortunate incidents about the Ferrari getting burnt down in fire. It looks like Ferrari does not want a cursed sports car tag to its 458 Italia model of the super car. In a recent press meet a spokesperson from Ferrari UK, answering to the queries of news reporters said that the company is aware of the incidents related to the brand new Ferrari 458 Italia models catching fire and is taking reports “very seriously.”

Until today, multiple incidents have been reported about the new Ferrari 458 Italia being burnt down to ash in recent months without any clear causes. The Ferrari representative clarified that it is important to differentiate between different reasons that may have caused the incidents of vehicle being caught in fire and the incidents caused by other factors including that of faults on part of the driver. The Ferrari spokesperson, in an interview with just-auto, further added that Ferrari is aware of at least six incidents, which could have been caused by potentially other factors including the factor concerning driver’s fault.

The spokesperson however, expressed his inability to make any comment about the reasons for the vehicle that got burnt down. Last year, the Ferrari 458 Italia had made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show replacing the Ferrari 430 model. A 4.5 liter V8 engine powers the Ferrari 458 Italia. This V8 engine has the direct fuel injection capabilities and comes traditionally fitted with flat-plane crankshaft. The Italia’s power plant is capable of churning out a maximum of 570 hp when the engine is revving at 9,000 rpm. The V8 engine produces over 540 Nm of torque when run at a speed of 6,000 rpm. The power and torque produced by the V8 engine is transferred to the rear wheels using a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission system. The power and torque levels produced by the V8 engine are sufficient to enable the car to sprint at a rocketing speed right from zero mhp to 60 mph in a scrimpy 3.4 seconds. The luxury sports sedan is capable of hitting a maximum speed that is electronically controlled at 325 km/h i.e. 200 mph.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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