September 24, 2020

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    Mercedes Benz EQ Concept images

    Mercedes-Benz will develop the very first model under its brand-new EQ electrical automobile brand name in the northern German city of Bremen by the end of the years, Daimler stated on Thursday.

    Mercedes-Benz and Daimler’s Smart brand intends to introduce over 10 electrical vehicles by 2025, in significant push in pure electrical automobiles thanks to advances in battery innovation and higher customer approval of zero-emissions automobiles.

    The design to be developed in Bremen will be based upon the stylish SUV coupe-style EQ vehicle it introduced at the Paris Show last month, Daimler stated.

    The Bremen plant presently makes 10 various models consisting of plug-in hybrids of the C-Class and the GLC SUV. In addition, its fuel-cell ran GLC, most likely to take on Toyota’s Mirai, is to be developed at the factory.

    The battery for the brand-new electrical vehicle will be made by Daimler unit Accumotive and manufactured in Kamenz in the eastern German state of Saxony.

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