Four killed in Utah small plane crash

Plane crash in American Fork Canyon, Utah

Of the four people killed in Utah plane crash, the former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Tyson Brummett was among the four people, officials said Friday.  Brummett, 35, was piloting a small plane from South Valley Regional Airport in West Jordan, Utah, when it collided near the Box Elder Peak in American Fork Canyon, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

“A man and two of his sons were hiking when they saw the plane begin to turn, then spiral downward,” the sheriff’s office stated. “The witness said the plane spiraled out of his view and moments later he heard the impact.” 

The witness called 911 and then jumped down to the plane where he observed the wreckage and victims, the sheriff’s office said.

Officials responded to the scene in a helicopter and “verified that there were four occupants onboard the plane and all four appeared to have died on impact.”

In addition to Brummett, officials recognized the other victims of the crash as Alex Blackhurst Ruegner, 35, Elaine W. Blackhurst, 60, and her husband, Douglas Robinson Blackhurst.  The Blackhursts were the aunt and uncle of Ruegner, authorities said.

The Phillies responded to the news with a message expressing “heartfelt condolences.”

“NTSB and FAA investigators will respond to the crash scene in an effort to determine the cause of the crash,” added the official statement of the sheriff’s office.

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