Lavazza GTX-R V12 created by Simbol Design

The Lavazza GTX-R from Simbol Design is the bigger version of the K1 Attack. The two are however not related to each other. Even though the car does not match up to being labeled as a super car yet it has the looks of one. It is evident that the makers had tried to copy the Ferrari Enzo to an extent but did not succeed in their job.

A V12 engine powers the Lavazza GTX-R and in this aspect, the car is way below its contemporaries for performance. The engine is a 5.3 liter V12 sourced from BMW. The power developed in the GTX is 400 hp while there is the GTX-R model which has the same engine and develops 620 hp. The GTX-R has an acceleration factor of 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. This figure is way below any standards of the supercars class.

The car comes in both the coupe and roadster versions and the material used for making the cars is carbon Kevlar. Weight of the car is therefore reduced to 2381 lbs. Front diverters and rear venturi intakes with adjustable side diverters, an adjustable rear wing, and a roof scoop are also fitted on this car.

The front of the car resembles the Pagani Zonda. The price is much lower than most other Italian supercars and this is one big reason to going for this car.

Source: topspeed

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