Mercedes-Benz is aiming to take on the Porsche 911 with an all new SLC due out in 2014

Plans for the front-engined sports car that Mercedes Benz has been planning to be placed under the SLS have now reached a decisive phase, this according to officials at Mercedes-Benz themselves. An official codename has also been assigned to the car, which usually marks the first step for the car to enter development phase. The car will be a two seater and powered by a V8 engine. These are the preliminary stages before the car enters serious development stage followed by its production thereafter. Price of the car is speculated to be fixed at £75,000 with the launch time set for 2014.

The car would be a two door styled one with the design being a joint effort by Mercedes-Benz’s regular passenger car department and AMG that looks after the performance car division. Responsibility to design, develop, and test the car would be shouldered by the AMG division. This is much like the process that has been followed for the SLS Coupe and its next roadster version. The new model has been codenamed the SLC which incidentally had been last used for the fourth generation SL with its fixed roof version that had been built between 1971 and 1981.

The interior and exterior make up of the present SLC would however be one of its own making. A fabric-roofed roadster version will follow in 2016 after the coupé version is released. Next year we could see the seventh generation of the SL. Also, its very much likely for the new SLC to share its mechanical or electrical parts with the SL so as to ensure development and production costs remain within limits. The SLC would mark Mercedes Benz’s new line of thinking in that of having in place a two-tier lineup of performance cars that bear their three pointed star sign. The line of cars would include both regular models as well as exclusive cars. The SLS model has been a grand success and has gone on to bolsters the image of the range.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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