Mighty Porsche 911 Races Past The Mini

by Alex

It finally happened and it proves a Porsche is after all a Porsche and a MINI is, well only a MINI! The race which had been the most talked about across the length and breadth of the US and occupied center stage in almost all of the websites dealing with cars did finally take place at the Atlanta race course. The final outcome? Porsche 911 came out winner beating the MINI Cooper.

The race was one of the most hyped races in recent times and was keenly watched by almost every automotive related site and blogs. The topic had also drawn in Hyundai who had wanted to step in if Porsche had decided not to take up the challenge thrown in by MINI.

For this particular race MINI had created a made to order small circuit within Road Atlanta. It was supposed to help MINI by holding back the power of the Porsche 911. All its hype and all its cards hidden below shirt sleeves turned out not to be the trump card that MINI had willed to be. Porsche beat MINI by two seconds. 2 seconds might not sound much but on a small course as that one designed by MINI themselves, this timing holds great relevance.

Now MINI has changed tack and is pointing towards the price difference between the MINI and the Porsche. Going by the timing each second lost by MINI, it works out to $38,000 for a second. All in all the higher price of the Porsche than the MINI is therefore justified as the Porsche is faster off the blocks.

Possibly MINI should try their luck with Hyundai where they may be having better chance of beating them to the finish line.

Source: topspeed

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Dean Lowe June 23, 2010 - 10:00 am

I beleive that was the whole point to begin with. I beleive MINI knew they would not win from the start and would use the loss and price difference in future advertising. If they were going for a win why not use their JCW version?
Their markeing Dept is smarter than you’re giving them credit for….

Still good fun though.


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