The new 2011 Nissan NISMO 370Z

by Alex

Having entered the third year of its latest generation design, the 2011 Nissan 370Z Coupe can be easily said as one of the most vibrant, sought out and dynamic sports cars around the world and definitely so in North America. According to the company sources, the 370Z Coupe will be available in three models. These will be the 370Z Coupe, 370Z Coupe Touring and the NISMO 370Z. All of these will be having their unique features which will make sure that they attract different targets as all of them are released simultaneously. All of them will be unique in their performance and design attributes.

In this article, we will consider one of the above three models that is sure to catch the eye of the auto lover in 2011 and that would be the new 2011 Nissan NISMO 370Z. Though the new Nissan NISMO 370Z, with a lot of innovations and additions is paving its way into the 2011MY, it is still considered naïve as even the first model of the 370Z entered the market only in 2009. Though it started offering one additional color to the exterior which is Gun Metallic, most of the features including the power of the engine (350 HP v6), the style of the exterior and interior which is inspired by racing, the specially tuned suspension and most importantly, the super-light allot wheels which are unique still remained the same. In addition to these features, the new model also comprise of H-configured exhaust system design, muffler tuning and the much talked about and hyped optimized ECM (Engine Computer Module) control. This control facility helps in more secure travel while such factors like ease of travel increases to a great extent.

Coming to the features, the Nismo 370Z will have VQ-series V6 engine which has a capacity of 3.7 liter and can deliver a total of 350 horse power at 7400 rpm. It can also withstand 276 lbs of torque at 5,200 rpm. These features make it feasible for the vehicle to race as fast as 155mph after which it is limited electronically. One more feature is that the engine is mated to a close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission with Nissan’s standard “SynchroRev Match” synchronized downshift rev matching system.

Though the version has changed, the look of Nismo will look almost the same as the earlier versions. The extended front nose, integrated chain spoiler, special side sills, unique rear bumper, and functional rear spoiler still remain the same. Not just the external view, the interiors including the Nismo tachometer, the logo seats with black and red fabric and red stitching, the smooth steering wheel because of the leather covering and red parallel stitching also remain the way they were. The serialized plaque of authenticity is also available in the new version.

Nissan has already announced the pricing details for the complete lineup of the 2011 Nissan 370Z including the 370Z Coupe, 370Z Roadster and NISMO 370Z. These are even on sale now at dealers nationwide. The price starts from 30,610 dollars to 39,990 dollars.

Source: topspeed

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