Recovery rate of stolen motorcycles declining year on year

by Adrian Hayden

The latest motorcycle theft figures show that bikers are less likely than ever before to see their stolen bikes again according to specialist bike insurer Express Insurance.

Nearly 26,000 motorcycles were stolen in the UK last year and just 10,939 (42.25%) were recovered, down more than 4% in comparison to 2006 when over 12,000 bikes were returned to their rightful owners (46.42%).*

With these statistics in mind Express Insurance is urging owners to take maximum precautions and use their common sense to keep their bike secure and the thieves at bay.

Bike crime hot-spots are unsurprisingly city centres, with London, Manchester and Birmingham topping the list, but also bike theft rings have been known to target specific areas or places where they know motorcycles or scooters are kept. Often outbuildings that could contain ATVs or off-road bikes are targeted, so being ‘in the country’ does not mean you’re safe.

Motorcycle Theft and Recovery 2006 – 2009*
Stolen Recovered %
2006 26608 12352 46.42%
2007 27348 12730 46.55%
2008 25961 11514 44.35%
2009 25893 10939 42.25%

Tony Way, managing director of Express Insurance believes that owners need to discourage thieves as much as they possibly can: “It’s a disturbing fact that more than 70 bikes are stolen in the UK every single day and it makes sense that you should lock your bike wherever you leave it. Attach it to something that keeps the bike anchored.

“Bikers often get complacent about security at home or in the garage and it is crucial to invest in a ground anchor and get a good quality, Thatcham-approved chain. Modern technology like alarms, immobilisers, security marking kits and trackers can all help provide a series of deterrents for bike thieves.”

When securing a bike there needs to be no free space for cutting equipment access, the chain needs to be wrapped snugly around the rear wheel or part of the chassis that cannot be removed easily. Your bike security must make thieves think twice and even a simple disc lock attached can discourage them.

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