New Lincoln Continental comes to United Arab Emirates

Lincoln Continental

There’s no doubt that the Lincoln Continental is an American automotive icon. We can consider it iconic in the sense that it is probably the most recognized brand name to come from Michigan, the United States automobile capital.

The Continental was born in 1938, when Henry Ford’s child Edsel commissioned a convertible he could drive on his spring vacation, it went down so well in Palm Beach the vehicle quickly enter into the production line. This is the revival of the modern-day the American high-end sedan. The Continental has distinct exterior, commanding size and sufficient roomy interior.

The vehicle of choice for statesmen and film stars throughout history. It was the luxury vehicle of Presidents Lindon B. Johnson and President Nixon, JFK was in the convertible Lincoln Continental on that traditionally tragic day in Texas. Warner Brothers provided Elizabeth Taylor a 1956′ Continental matching her violet eyes, Clark Gable once owned one and Elvis Presley owned one as well.

Making its launching in the UAE, 2017 Lincoln Continental is finally amongst us. This feat of contemporary American engineering includes front wheel drive as basic, 10-speaker audio system, a chrome-trimmed dash and “Perfect Position Seats” in reference to the additional 30-way adjustable front seats. The 3.0-litre twin turbo V6 engine creates 378 HP and 575 Nm of torque at 3,500 RPM and makes sure to provide its German rivals a run for their money while restoring understated reowned American luxury.

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