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Gettysburg gift shop building fire

One dead after car crash causes huge fire in Gettysburg

A car crash resulted in a huge fire in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Firefighters call it among the worst fires in years in Gettysburg. The car crashed into a building on Monday morning in Baltimore Street, exploded, and then caught the shop and another building on fire.

Firefighters have been on the scene for most of the day and are yet to confirm whether anyone was inside the car.

The car crashed into the Blue and Gray Gift Shop around 4:20 a.m. and ended up in between the shop and the brick apartment building that also included a shop.

The Adams County coroner was on the scene for some hours. On Monday afternoon, the coroner says the driver died after the crash. The driver was male, but no other details were provided in relation to his identity as the investigation continues.

Two off-duty firefighters who happened to pass by stopped and rescued two people from the roof of the brick building.

“Both travel this area quite regularly going to work, and they were at the right time and the right place and they did an outstanding job getting those people to safety,” said Deputy Fire Chief for the Gettysburg Fire Department Joe Temarantz.

All six residents in the brick building were safely rescued. The Red Cross is helping them. Meanwhile, the vehicle was removed around 11 a.m. and is being investigated in another area because firefighters say the structure of the Blue and Gray Gift Shop is unstable and may have to be torn down. No one is believed to have been in the building at the time.

Three firefighters were injured. The investigation is ongoing.

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