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Patek Philippe’s Mecca Edition Luxury Watch Sold Out

The introduction of the new, high-end timepiece 5130P Mecca Edition World Timer proves once again that Patek Philippe deserves his spot as one of the world’s leading watchmakers. This newest, stunning and sophisticated timepiece is inspired by the holy city of Mecca, capturing its wonder while at the same time tracking times at cities around the world.

The curious thing about this creation is that Philippe didn’t use gold while manufacturing it. The reason for this is a fable from the holy book of the Quran, which tells about how the prophet Muhammad met a man who on his dying bed was clothed in gold and silk, and relieved him of this clothing telling him that when the soul reaches heaven, he would be divested of material possessions before being given entry.

Despite not using any amount of gold, the watch is still a pinnacle of refinement and opulence, with its platinum chassis and an emerald green center on the dial. Platinum markings on the emerald green design indicate the hours. The outer rings of the dial features the names of prominent cities of the world and their times. Fitted with a 240HU movement that features 33 precious stones, the watch also has a scratch-resistant polished sapphire crystal casing. Water-resistant up to 30 meters, the Mecca edition Patek Philippe features a transparent casing, a 48-hour power reserve and a hand-stitched black crocodile skin strap.

The limited edition piece was designed exclusively for customers in the Middle East. All 150 pieces of the Mecca-inspired luxury watch have already been sold out, with a price of 58,500 Euros.

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