Pedestrian is hit by a car and sent flying through the air in Sydney

pedestrian hit by car, sent flying in Sydney

A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle before being sent flying meters into the air while crossing a busy road on Christmas Day in Sydney, Australia. 

Dashcam footage from a car stopped in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Sydney’s Military Road caught the man walking across two lanes of stopped vehicles.

But as he tried to cross the bus lane on the other side, he was hit by a passing car which is a Mercedes Benz SUV.

The pedestrian was then flung meters into the air while the Mercedes pulled to an abrupt stop.

The man then managed to pick himself up off the road and went to the footpath while clutching his head in pain. 

A driver was seen getting out of her car to watch if the injured pedestrian was alright.

The graphic video left social media at odds about was in the wrong; the pedestrian for crossing a road busy at the moment, or the SUV driver for using the bus lane.

‘This is why pedestrians should be registered and insured to use the road. Who’s going to be paying the damage to the car. What if he ran off? How would you identify him?’ one user stated. 

‘Simple, don’t cross a road through traffic and watch out to your left. Pedestrians own fault,’ stated another. ‘Poor driver if the person died they would have to live with that forever,’ stated another.

‘Natural selection at it’s finest, walking through built-up traffic fails to neglect the simple look both ways before crossing.’

Others defended the pedestrian for assuming that it was safe to cross the road.

‘It’s a bus lane & not a car lane. The pedestrian would’ve crossed ok if the car wasn’t in the lane they should not have been!’ one woman stated.

‘Merc flogger flying down a bus lane, too good to wait in line, hope the pedestrian is ok, silly on his behalf, but hope the Mercs bonnet is stuffed,’ stated another.

‘It actually doesn’t matter if the vehicle was speeding or if it was in the wrong lane. The fact is, a person got hit by a car and could’ve died.’

And others compared the scenario with their own country.

“As it is in Australia, I don’t know their laws on bus lanes, but if it was here in UK, the car is at fault, as it has no place in the bus lane, but countries do have different laws so see what the law states,” stated one user.

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