Peugeot EX1 shows off the future electric sports car concept

The EX1 electric concept from Peugeot was accessible and ready for everyone to check out at last month’ s Paris Auto Show. The overall look of the car makes this concept quite funny to look and explore. However, it did not seem like with the current overall look of the car, it is likely to be driven down anytime soon on the roads. Peugeot, the French company, has in an affirmative manner declared that this is a preview of a future sports car concept from them.

A Peugeot spokesperson, in a very recent interview, said, “The EX1 shows that we can do many things with electric cars. It shows how far we can go.” However, the timeline is yet to be set. Peugeot, for the time being, gives an impression to have no plans with respect to producing an electric sports car. However, the representative did not rule out the future prospect or potential stating that in near future, Peugeot may still produce a production edition of the EV sports car.

The concept car gets its power from two electric motors. These electric motors are placed on each axle. Furthermore, each motor can produce a peak output of over 167 HP with the highest torque level, both at the front and rear, of 240 Nm. According to the same spokesperson the EX1 is, therefore, comparable to Porsche’ s 918 Spyder hybrid concept in terms of its speed. It therefore, suggests as a logically necessary consequence that you could have this car sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds.

Source: topspeed

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