Rolls-Royce talks about Recall of 27 Phantom’s

How many times in the history one would have heard of cars being recalled by the engineering giant – Rolls Royce? Not much and even if one would have heard it would be hard to believe such a thing.

But this time the company has erred in making it’s one of the best selling models – Rolls Royce Phantom and hence has made an announcement to recall some models. The company has recalled all the Phantoms produced between November 2, 2012 and January 18, 2013 because of the faulty fuel hose.

However, the good thing for Rolls Royce is that only 27 cars were produced during this period. The company has decided to repair the faulty hose without any additional costs.

The mistake may not sound big but the consequences are so bad that the car can catch fire and turn to ashes at the time of refueling. But fortunately no such incident was noted and all the cars and the owners are safe.

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