SpeedART Porsche Boxster SP81-R

The very well know German tuners for Porsche, SpeedArt have released their new project for the new Porsche(981) Boxster S which has been called as SP81-R. The new car offers aerodynamic, performance, suspension, wheel, exhaust and interior upgrades. The new SP81-R is painted in Black and Green Color with Original Porsche Colors, the body kit […]

2012 Sema Toyota Sequoia DragQuoia

The NHRA Drier Anton Brown went extreme with the Family Dragster Concept and ended up making the Toyota DragQuoia for he is participating in the Toyota Racing Dream Build Challenge. Qouting Anton Brown, he said, “It’s…a special vehicle with a little hint of NHRA twisted all the way in it, with a lot of horsepower” […]