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Tesla delivers 184,800 cars in Q1 on strong reception in China

Tesla Inc. delivered 184,800 cars globally in the first quarter of this year, increasing from 180,570 in the fourth quarter, the automaker said.

“We are encouraged by the strong reception of the Model Y in China and are quickly progressing to full production capacity,” the automaker said.

The new Model S and Model X have also been “exceptionally well received,” according to the automaker, adding that it’s in the early stages of increasing production.

Tesla said its delivery count should be observed as slightly conservative and final numbers could differ by as much as 0.5% or more.

The quarterly delivery figure is largely seen as an important figure concerning the demand for both Tesla’s vehicles and consumer interest in electric vehicles globally as conventional automakers such as Volkswagen, Nissan and others are producing electric cars of their own.

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