Tesla Says Car in Netherlands Was Not Using Autopilot at Time of Crash

images of tesla model 3

Tesla Motors‘s Autopilot feature wasn’t in use throughout a lethal crash of one of its automobiles south of Amsterdam, the automaker stated.

“We can confirm from the car’s logs that Autopilot was not engaged at any time throughout the drive cycle and that, consistent with the issue that was observed after the car struck the tree, the car was being driven at more than 155 km/h,” Tesla stated Thursday in a statement.

The driver didn’t make it through. Tesla and Dutch authorities were investigating this incident Wednesday.

Tesla crashes have actually come under examination since the automaker revealed in June that a Model S ran into a truck in Florida while in its Auto-pilot function was being used. The driver passed away, marking the first death where Tesla’s Auto-pilot was active. That incident has ignited a more comprehensive debate about autonomous automobile technology in advancement by car makers and tech companies.

Tesla’s Autopilot system, which is an action towards self-driving vehicles, utilizes video cameras, radar and sensing units to steer the car, adjust its speed and change lanes. Drivers should acknowledge, when they trigger Autopilot, that the system remains in beta-test which they are accountable for the car. The system includes safeguards intended to guarantee that drivers keep hands on the wheel to take control if required.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in June stated it was investigating the Florida crash, which occurred in May. The agency revealed in July that it was seeking files and information of extra crashes including Tesla’s Autopilot feature.

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