Jeremy Clarkson takes a Ferrari 458 Italia out for a spin, races against the Ferrari 430

by Alex

Its no secret Jeremy Clarkson thoroughly enjoys his stint with fast cars. What’s also known is that he is not one to shy away from speaking out his mind and is equally known for his forthright comments and critical reviews about the car that he drives.

The outspoken host of Top Gear that he is but he can also be hilarious at times. He was recently given a chance to take the Ferrari 458 Italia for a spin, something that anybody would perhaps trade an arm and a leg for. And Clarkson had something to say about one aspect of the car that has caused him considerable displeasure – the steering wheel of the car that has a phenomenal fan following.

As per him the steering wheel moves a lot when the car is in motion and it is this that comes in the way of smooth operation of the plethora of controls that has been mounted on it which includes everything from the turn light controls, wipers, the traction control, and the headlights, all of which makes the driving experience a truly complicated affair.

Leave aside that little factor and Clarkson is all praise for the 458 Italia and commented it to be the “prettiest Ferrari” ever since the Ferrari 308 which was there in 1975. And the thing that perhaps impressed him the most is the fact that the Italia 458 is not only about style but also about substance in equal measure.

The 458 and the 430 both were raced against each other with James May contributing his very own Ferrari 430 for the showdown. Clarkson took to the wheels of the 458 while it was Stig – the resident driver himself who steered the 430. And the 458 exhibited its mettle right from the word go, dominating the 430 by a superb display of superior power that completely eclipsed the 430 and left it to bite the dust. It was a humiliating defeat that the outdated 430 faced concluding with no doubts that this is to be the best super car so far to sport the prancing horse up front. This in spite of having a complicated steering wheel.

Source: topspeed

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