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Toyota and Hino to jointly develop fuel cell truck

Toyota Motor on Monday has stated that it would develop a heavy-duty fuel-cell truck in collaboration with its subsidiary, Hino Motors.

The automaker views hydrogen technology as a zero-emissions alternative to the battery power for big commercial automobiles.

Toyota also stated the truck, based on Hino’s Profia model, would be geared up with dual fuel cell stacks developed for the next model of its Mirai fuel cell sedan. This fuel cell truck would come with a travelling range of 600 kilometers without requiring refuelling.

The automaker has promoted the fuel cell vehicles as the ultimate green vehicle. It considers the fuel cell technology as more effective alternative than pure battery electric cars, which has prompted several automakers throughout the world as an alternative of the fossil-fuel power vehicles.

Toyota and Hino have positioned hydrogen as a key energy source for the future and have collaborated with each other on developing technologies and innovating fuel cell vehicles during 15 years since their joint demonstration trials of the fuel cell bus in 2003, according to the automaker.

The automaker said that going forward, Toyota and Hino will be strengthening the partnership and increase efforts toward the realization of a hydrogen society.

Last year, Honda and Hino are teamed up for a partnership between SoftBank and Toyota for mobility advantages such as self-driving cars.

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