U.S. regulator finds no proof of defects after Tesla death investigation

Tesla Model S

U.S. automobile safety regulators stated on Thursday they discovered no proof of flaws in a Tesla Motors automobile associated with the death of a man whose Model S hit a truck while he was utilizing its Autopilot system.

The case has been closely observed as automakers race to automate more driving projects without exposing themselves to boosted liability threats.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, on his Twitter account, applauded the decision by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which did not order a recall and put the responsibility for the crash mainly on the driver, former Navy Seal Joshua D. Brown.

U.S. Transport Secretary Anthony Foxx informed press reporters on Thursday that drivers have a responsibility to take seriously their commitment to maintain control of a automobile. He stated automakers likewise must describe the limits of semi-autonomous systems. When it comes to Tesla’s Autopilot, one limitation was that the system might not find a truck trailer that crossed the way in front of the victim’s Tesla.

“The (vehicle) market is going to have to be clear about what the technology does and what it is does not do, and interact it clearly,” Foxx included.

Jack Landskroner, a lawyer for Brown’s family, stated they plan to evaluate all the information from government firms investigating the crash before making any decisions “or taking any position on these matters”.

U.S. Senator Gary Peters, a Michigan Democrat, stated “it is essential regulators allow the flexibility and freedom to innovate, however also prevent technology that is not quite prepared for prime time to get on the road”.

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