Wife of Carlos Ghosn appeals to French government for help

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The wife of former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn departed from Japan and flown to Paris in order to appeal to the French government to do more to help Ghosn.

Japanese prosecutors arrested Ghosn for a fourth time on Thursday on suspicion he had attempted to enrich himself at the automaker’s expense, in another dramatic twist that his lawyers stated was an attempt to muzzle him.

“I think the French government should do more for him. I don’t think he’s had enough support and he’s calling for assistance. As a French citizen, it should be a right,” stated Carole Ghosn during the interview with Financial Times before boarding a flight out of Japan.

Carlos Ghosn has rejected charges against him and also asked the French government for help.

France, which owns a 15 percent stake in Nissan’s alliance partner Renault, stated it was monitoring the situation.

“We completely exercise consular protection. The French ambassador is in regular contact,” an official from French President Emmanuel Macron’s office stated on Sunday.

“The wife of Carlos Ghosn has been received by the (Elysee) Secretary General during his (Ghosn) previous incarceration,” the official included.

Carole Ghosn stated her husband’s previous 108-day imprisonment had left him “a different person” and that normal life under bail conditions had not been possible.

Tokyo prosecutors, Ghosn’s lawyer and his represenative were not immediately available for discussion.

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