2010 Paris Motor Show: Peugeot EX1 Concept. Weird yes, but enticing

200 years of existence and that too continuous, this is what Peugeot can boast off and they are doing so with style, by including their concept car at the Paris Motor Show. Their 100 percent electric car of the sports genre named EX1 has already been known for its record holding place of accelerating from a standing start. The car is a two-seater roadster and has a style that is very much futuristic. The body is also very well streamlined with aerodynamic features. The car has two electric motors and one ultra-light structure. It is a four wheel drive and develops 250 KW or 340 bhp in the cumulative mode. Asphalt and the 20Cup are the two concept cars that seem to have inspired this Peugeot EX1.

The body styling seems to be taken from the SR1 concept which had been shown earlier this year, while the door which has polished aluminum components reminds one of the RCZ and BB1. As per Peugeot the architecture of the concept car has been based on giving it the shape of a water droplet. They have also mentioned that the rear section has been built around two closely set rear wheels. The front suspension has been given a drop link double wishbone arrangement.

The rear suspension of the EX1 Concept consists of one “swinging arm” which is linked to a shock absorber that is mounted centrally. This is in turn connected via a rocker arm which provides for a variable damping rate. Carbon / honeycomb composite has been used for the monocoque body structure and this provides for optimized weight and rigidity. Two electric motors mounted one each on the axle is what powers the EX1. Each electric motor gives a peak output of 125 KW with the total power of 250 KW or 340 bhp. The total torque generated is 240 Nm. The driving seat is at floor level and for control, two control handles are provided. The wind deflectors that are integrated on the car allow for driving without the need for helmet.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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