Audi: Creating Cars for the Future

by SpeedLux
New Audi A8 images from Barcelona, July 2017

Audi has been in the car market for more than a hundred years. Right from the start, the brand wanted to create fast cars that would modify the future. They built themselves a reputation rapidly, winning important car races a few years after joining the circuits. In the movie “Minority Report”, Audi was showing the future of cars, and that is what they still aim for. You may not be able to own every Audi car available, but you can still get all their scale models!

  • Audi’s Vision Today

If you go to Audi’s website and read their definition of their brand, it starts with these three words: Visible, tangible, perceptible. That is a clear message since they basically all indicate the same thing: A need to be seen – not ignored. There is no doubt that when you see an Audi vehicle, you recognize it. Their soft rounded lines have been a trademark of the brand for a while now and so is their elegance, also found in their choice of colors, which is never aggressive.

Audi indicates also very clearly that what it has in mind, when it designs cars, is to be future-oriented. They are, and have been, building cars today that people will drive tomorrow, as they inspire other auto makers with their different models. And since they are attentive to every last detail, entering an Audi is like sitting in a luxury world that can bring you anywhere you want to go.

  • Audi Scale Models

If you are looking for Audi scale model cars, make sure that you go to the best boutiques online where quality and designs (just like a real Audi car) are their primary concerns. Look for a European distributor, so that you can communicate with them easily in case there is a delivery issue or any other problem that could incur. 

You don’t know what scale model cars are? Imagine if you could have all the Audi models you want, except they would be smaller than the ones you can drive. That is a scale model: An exact reproduction in smaller size. Of course, the bigger the model, the more details you will find. They come in a variety of scales which are indicated with numbers like this one: 1:18. In this case, it means the car is 18 times smaller than the real one. 

Collecting scale model cars is one of the most important hobbies around the world. Car lovers enjoy them because they can discover every little detail of the vehicles they prefer. Once you acquire one, you just can’t wait to get another!

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