A Jaguar gets transformed into a GAZ-21 lookalike by a Russian customizer

Carscoop has already reported on some of the mentionable transformations of models like the “Fierarris” being developed from the Pontiac Fieros or Toyota Soarers being transformed into something majestic with addition of parts from various Mercedes Benz models. There are many more such majestic transformations that well deserve mention here. The job mostly consists of transforming a standard road car of an affordable price tag into something exotic, stylish, and costly. Something that will change your views forever about the previous version of the car. The job though is harder than said with innovation at its best. You may call the job challenging like searching for light at the end of a dark tunnel.

These are the ones that you’d appreciate or feel good about. But rarely would you hear about a lavish or exotic car being transformed into something very ordinary and of a degraded standard compared to the preceding model. You’d obviously think that it is very stupid and would wonder what the reason behind this transformation may be. Well we also kept wondering why the Russians would take up a car as perfect as Jaguar and then transform it into a GAZ look alike. But we must say Russians love challenges and they’ve surely stood up to it well.

The original car from which the GAZ was made out was a Jaguar XJ40 of the MY 1993 featuring an automatic transmission and based on the standard version of the 3.2 L V6 engine. The car has received high praises during its golden years with its set of head and tail lights, a set of unique side vents, an appreciable grille and last but not the least a trademark emblem inspired by the Volga in the 1970’s. You may not place the transformed model in the class of say the “Lenin-mobile” based on the Porsche Cayenne or to that of the Volga V8 Roadster developed on the BMW 6 series model. But still you will have to appreciate what they have done to the car.

We have always known that the Russians are extremely passionate about their work and are known to be perfectionists. This car is no exception as well and is a perfect example of finesse with neither any weird set of shut lines nor any awkward overhangs. When it comes to deciding the best in transforming a car the Russians often come to our minds first before most of the famous names. Though you may not get the attractive and lavish model that you’ve imagined in your mind out of your car from the Russians, what you are sure to get is the best level of engineering and design from them. They are the masters of this art and they sure have mastered it perfectly.

Now let’s come to our basic topic of discussion. Why would someone take up a lavish model and turn it into something worse or mundane? To get this reason right you need to understand the Russian mentality towards the GAZ M21 Volga or GAZ-21. This car is something that the Russians simply adore. Almost all owners of the GAZ models in the Russian nations are proud of their cars and are very possessive and caring about them as well. The GAZ to the Russians is similar to what the Mini, Checker cab or Citroen 2CV mean to the owners in the respective manufacturing nations.

Working class Americans are accustomed to using their Cadillacs.
Similarly the working class poms are well inclined towards the Rovers. Similarly you’d find Russians longing to own a GAZ model. The reason is as simple as that. You can check out the galleries below and turn your visualization into reality. Take a look and tell us what you think in the form of all valuable comments. We hope you like the model just like the Russians do.

Source: carscoop

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