Nissan Leaf equipped with whistle that warns pedestrians

Because we aren’t far from seeing a massive move to electric cars, several standards that cover stuff like how these vehicles are ‘refilled’ and how to measure equivalent mileage started to appear. One feature heavily debated is the sound electric vehicles make. For years, everyone thought at the silent operation of battery-powered vehicles as a bonus.

However, there is a concern regarding pedestrian safety and advocates for safety regulations insist that EVs should produce a sound to indicate their presence.

Nissan quickly took action and developed an “approaching vehicle sound” that will be used for Nissan Leaf and Nissan Fuga (Infiniti M37) hybrid. The system which is still in beta, produces sounds on various frequencies to insure everybody can hear it. According to Just-Auto, Nissan will offer test drives next weal at their test track for officials and customers who have signed up to buy the car.

Below there is a video of the new system in action.

[source justauto via autoblog]

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