Roborace – the world’s first driverless racing series

Roborace will be the very first driverless racing series when it will launch either later on this year or early next year, however the organizers have finally revealed exactly what its customized electrical vehicles will resemble. The four-wheeled self-driving cars seem covered in sensing units and look wickedly aerodynamic, with bodywork that conceals all the internals and huge openings around each axle.

Roborace employed Daniel Simon, the person who developed the light cycles in Tron: Legacy, to create these automobiles.

Simon states his objective was “to develop a car that makes the most of the uncommon chances of having no motorist without ever compromising on appeal,” which he dealt with racing aerodynamicists and engineers to hit that balance. “Charm was extremely high up on our agenda,” he states.

Roborace didn’t detailed on any of the specifications of the vehicle, though Simon states it will “produce significant downforce.” He points out in the declaration that he’s dealing with the series to establish active aerodynamic body parts, which sounds a bit like the active spoilers discovered on supercars such as the McLaren P1, or the 675LT.

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