Tesla has 200,000 orders for Cybertruck, says Musk

Tesla cybertruck

Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk suggested in a tweet that the electric automaker received 200,000 orders for its electric pickup truck under three days of its introduction.

Musk, who has been frequently tweeting about the Cybertruck’s features since its introduction on Thursday, has also been updating his followers with the number of orders the company has got.

In a previous tweet, Musk wrote the company had received 146,000 orders for Cybertruck and tweeted again on Sunday saying “200K” – an apparent reference to the amount of orders.

The company’s website shows that an immediate payment of $100 would be necessary to reserve an order for the Cybertruck, which has a starting cost of $39,900.

The introduction of its futuristic pickup on Thursday had a setback when the electric vehicle’s “armored glass” windows shattered in a much-anticipated introduction. The overall appearance of the electric vehicle had worried Wall Street on Friday, dropping the automaker’s shares to about 6% lower.

During the introduction, Musk had taken aim at the design, power, and durability of mainstream trucks, only to be shaken when his statements about his new vehicle’s windows backfired.

Separately, Musk stated the Cybertruck is Tesla’s last product reveal for a while.

Tesla prepares to start manufacturing the Cybertruck in 2021.

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