Video: Lexus Launches CT 200h Compact Hybrid Interactive Film

Lexus is giving its customers a chance to make the vital decisions for its anticipated 2011 CT 200h 5-door hatchback. According to the car manufacturer, the film is going to be named “Dark Ride”. Toyota’s luxury marquee is bent on casting a recognizable celebrity racing around in the vehicle. If you’re thinking that this is something which BMW and Audi already did in the past, you’re not exactly right.

Those films were not interactive.

Lexus Marketing VP Dave Norstorm enlightens us on how this film is going to be different. According to Norstorm, the consumers get to be co-stars in the film by guiding the celebrity driver through a series of CT adventures. The viewer will also be shown “The Darker Side of Green” which is a documentary about the other side of hybrids.

The short film is already uploaded on the marquee’s official site. Lexus claimed that you can put yourself in the movie and record your own lines.

Source: CarScoop

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