Edmonton mother charged for leaving child in running, unlocked car

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A mother has been alleged under the Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act after she allegedly left a four-year-old kid in a running car in a south Edmonton parking area on Sunday.

At around 5:10 p.m., cops were called to the parking in the location of Ellerslie Road and 91 Street.

Emergency crews discovered a four-year-old being in the backseat of a running, unlocked car. The four windows of the car were rolled up, cops stated.

A witness informed police she saw the car for about 20 minutes prior the arrival of officers.

Quickly after cops got there, the mom of the four-year-old gone back to the vehicle. She is accused of causing a kid to be in need of intervention. Her name is not yet revealed.

Temperature levels outside hovered in the 28 C to 30 C at about 5 p.m. Sunday.

Cops have consistently warned of the threats of leaving children alone in vehicles, especially when it’s hot outside. Edmonton was under a heat alert all weekend. On Friday, cops held a press conference to suggest people not to leave kids and pets in vehicles alone.

“Don’t leave any kids unattended who are under the age of 10 inside automobiles,” Sgt. Lael Sauter stated. “They could be choking on something … if there’s no parent there present that’s able to in fact help take care of that child at a time, we could find that parent returns back to that vehicle and finds their kid unresponsive or even worse.”

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