Honda deploys its minivans to transport coronavirus patients in Japan

Honda CR-V

Honda Motor stated it has remodeled 50 of its minivans to transport COVID-19 patients to hospitals and quarantine centers in Japan, sealing off the rear section of the vehicles to safeguard drivers from infection.

The automaker has placed an airtight divide between the motorist and the rear passenger areas of the vans and modified their air conditioning systems to permit fresh air to enter through the front near the base of the windshield wipers, go through to the rear passenger area through vents and exit through the back.

The company stated that the one-way ventilation system set up in its Odyssey and Step WGN minivan models make sure that air from the rear section does not enter the driver’s space, decreasing the risk of infection.

The company started lending these vehicles to health officials in Tokyo, and as of Tuesday, two vehicles had been delivered, a company spokesman stated. Eventually, it prepares to also supply the vehicles to nearby Saitama prefecture, he said.

Honda will think about making more available depending on demand, noting that they were not ambulances.

Toyota Motor has also said it is looking for ways to equip its JPN Taxi models used by taxi operators in the nation to transport coronavirus patients.

Both companies have also installed production lines at their plants at home and abroad to produce face shields, masks and other medical equipment, much like other automakers across the world.

About 8,582 people in Japan have been confirmed as being infected with the coronavirus. The virus has killed 136 people in the country.

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