Nissan Esflow Sports Coupe Concept makes Geneva debut

by Alex

The idea behind the conceptualization of the Electric Zero Emission Sports car is not new. Several motor shows had presented many concepts that were based more or less on the just mentioned idea. But even said so, the implementation of such design has been scanty. Very few implementations had featured a tested and efficient drive train that can be readily given off to production. It is at this point that Esflow steals the show with the uniqueness of its concept.

The Esflow makes use of the very same EV Technology that was incorporated by Nissan on its first Zero Emission production vehicle. As a matter of fact, the first Zero Emission car of Nissan had been the all electric Leaf. The main ingredient of the concept lies in stressing of the fact that driving efficiently and environmentally cannot mean less entertaining. The car aspires to reach out to the enthusiasm of the driving aficionados by putting electric power, dramatic styling in a blend with the qualities of a sports car.

The Esflow boasts of two electric motors that are placed over the rear axle and a 24 kW battery pack that at present is placed in the leaf. Much similar to the 370z, the layout is that of a two-seat one. The rear wheel drive in a combination with absence of rear seats turns out a lethal combo that helps the car gain a speed of 60 mph from 0 mph in less than five seconds. This improves the distance before requiring a recharge by about 50 percent. The improvement is of great significance over the Leaf. That gives you 150 miles to put it through its paces.

The design includes the assimilation of a wrap around the windscreen and a high belt line in its realm. The car flaunts a body structure that is one of its kind, lighter yet stronger. The structure allows for no A pillars and posseses a cockpit that an airplane pilot might find familiar.

Quoting the Nissan revelation, the coupe is best suited for a tech savoir-faire, professional guy. Taking into consideration every little thing, the Esflow projects itself to be a brilliant example of what could be possibly the electric car driving enthusiasts’ wonder car—much coveted coupe. It is now of utmost interest to find if Nissan puts it to production. All fingers crossed!

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