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Rolls-Royce 102EX: a symbol of electrified luxury

Quite as per expectation, Rolls Royce have brought the 102EX Concept into the limelight at the Geneva Motor Show. The 102EX Concept is also known as the full-electric version of the Phantom flagship sedan. Practically with no detailed description about the car, the British manufacturers make the statement that the 102EX was conceptualized to have in a bank of owner research in 2011 and to estimate if Rolls Royce customers would mind having such a coupe in their garage. Rolls Royce says that the test of the 102EX Concept would be held worldwide, that indicates that the car can be seen at places like Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

The car will undergo a series of test drives. Rolls Royce performs the tests in order to gather feedback sufficient to decide upon a possible production version. All the comments that would be posted regarding the 102EX Concept would be collected via a web portal of the name electricluxury.com that will also gauge the car’s progress in the form of a chart that will be collected throughout the year.

People who visited the Geneva Motor Show will be able to see at the firm’s booth two Ghost models kept at display. For people who are unknown of when the Ghost was launched, the fact says that it dates back to 2009 and ever since it has only collected applauds and praises for its impressive driving characteristics, luxurious interiors and unsurpassed ride comfort.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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