Volkswagen plans to partner with Audi or Porsche to enter Formula 1

Volkswagen logo

German carmaker Volkswagen wishes to see itself as a serious player in the Formula One scene though it would like to limit its participation as a supplier of engine. However, all of it depends on FIA giving approval to the use of the ‘world engine’ for 2013.

And as far as branding is concerned, head of VW’s motor racing division, Kris Nissen has said that it can be either an Audi, a Porsche or a VW. However, Kris Nissen has ruled out the use of the Skoda, Seat or Bentley brand names as the company feels these brands won’t be able to add value to their efforts.

Meanwhile, in another development, Japanese car major Toyota has ruled out returning to F1 circuit anytime in the near future. The reason is obvious as Toyota has not been able to win a single grand prix even after having spent in excess of $3 billion starting from 2002 till last year. Toyota’s former team principal Tadashi Yamashina however had a different explanation as he stressed on the ‘big gap’ between formula one and the actual users of Toyota’s road going car, which is what he cited as one of the reasons behind Toyota not making it to formula one soon.


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