Nissan GT-R RC tuned by Nismo debuts at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon

A new car from Nissan comes to us in the form of the GT-R supercar. This car was rolled out at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon event. The GT-R is more for the race team enthusiasts and speedsters. The event that was held in Japan is one where major car manufacturers come up with their products and there are the after sales market makers too like the tuning company which put in their bit at this show.

This GT-R model that has been dubbed the racing competition version of the car was made by Nismo who are the official tuner house of Nissan. This one was modified to make a car that is specifically for track runs. For this it has been given slick tire and compatible suspension along with other lightweight components and fitted with special safety equipment and devices.

The add on features of the car include welded roll cage which is as per the FIA standards as also a 120 liter safety fuel tank that has been made by ATL along with the air jacks.

The model can participate in all races that are held all over the world and goes up for sale in Japan for the moment.

There is the Nissan 370Z that is available in the US market and the Nissan Leaf which is an all electric car that has been modified with a Juke crossover and pepped with sporty accessories. These all come from Nismo the tuning company.

Source: motorauthority

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