Nissan looks forward to increase South Korean output on post-Brexit yen surge

2014 Nissan Rogue

Nissan Motor desires to increase the output of its Rogue design at Renault’s factory in South Korea this year, as a stronger yen makes exports from Japan less competitive, a Renault executive informed Reuters.

The yen has actually jumped 20 percent compared to the dollar this year in the wake of Britain’s choice to leave the European Union, pressing Japanese exporters. The South Korean won rose 7.4 percent against the dollar as well.

“We got a request to increase Rogue production by 8,000 cars this year,” Renault Samsung Motor Chief Executive Officer Park Dong-hoon informed Reuters, adding that the automaker was reviewing whether it would be able to satisfy the additional need.

He included that Nissan Motor formerly targeted output of 125,000 Rogue automobiles in South Korea this year.

Rogue is Nissan Motor’s best selling sport utility automobile in the United States, with sales leaping 14 percent to 182,181 from January to July this year from 2015.

Nissan Motor presently produces Rogues in South Korea, Japan and the United States.

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